The Independent CV Review Service (ICVRS)

The ICVRS Executive Director and lead reviewer is William Clark - a graduate of the school of professional CV writers and a former principal of one of the country's leading executive career consultancies. With a proven track record in career coaching, job search strategy formulation, professional CV writing and employment interview training, William is the natural choice to lead the ICVRS.

Over the course of his professional career he has helped numerous individuals with critical document preparation. He has personally assisted many senior managers and company directors advance their careers up and into senior positions within top tier companies both here in the UK and overseas.

As such William is well placed to head up the ICVRS, formulate its policy and ensure that the Independent CV Review Service remains independent, unbiased and objective in the interests of the ICVRS and to the benefit of its clients.

It's your life... it's our job

"We look at CVs through the eyes of an employer - we set our fee through the eyes of a client! We don't agree with charging fees in full, and up front. It just doesn't seem fair to clients to work in this way. We believe there needs to be commitment 'on both sides', and a mutual benefit to achieving a successful outcome as soon as possible. Our results-based fee demonstrates: a) honesty; b) commitment; and c) confidence. We retain a vested interest in a client securing their ideal job, and it is only right that we do." William Clark, Executive Director

We know what it takes for a CV to get through

Backed by a team of professional copywriters and proofreaders, the ICVRS offers a truly independent, unbiased and impartial CV review service to help individual's seeking their next career step. In addition, the ICVRS also offers CV screening and selection for employers and unbiased assessments of professionally crafted CVs produced by the UK's top career consultants.