Think Differently!

If you wake up every morning to go to a job you hate to earn money you can't live without... then maybe it's time you did something about it.

Have you seen the film 'Karate Kid'?

If you've ever watched the movie 'Karate Kid' and you remember the part where Mr. Miyagi trains 'Daniel Son' to become a karate master by painting walls, and waxing cars, and Daniel wondering how all that fits together... That's what we're doing to you right now.

You're picking up a piece of the puzzle here and there, and you're getting the feel.

Like Daniel, you might feel a little frustrated right now because you don't know everything yet, you can't see the whole picture, but you will.

One big question in your mind right now might be. 'How do I get employers to take notice of me?'

Well, there's a proven formula for crafting a 'rejection-resistant CV' and we're going to share it with you. Every week we show people how to craft a rejection resistant CV that will get them in front of the right employers - and now it's your turn!


Continued weak economic growth, high levels of unemployment and fierce competition for every single desirable job that ever crops up... it's never been this difficult to move jobs, ever. Going it alone can be a big gamble!


Your CV - Why is it so crucial?

Your CV can literally have a bigger impact on your career and life than any other document. Why? Because it decides which interviews you get and which you don't. It decides which job offers you get which in turn decides how much you earn, where you live, how much you enjoy your work, how stressed you feel, how far you commute and totally affects how you view your life and the world in general. Your CV is that critical.

It therefore follows that the greater care you take with the production of a CV, the greater choice of job offers you are likely to receive.

Believe in

It's YOUR CV and we want you to own it
You should use your own words. We can show you how to write it - we will be your 'editor' that will help you polish and repolish it until it's a 'rejection resistant' document.