Why have your CV reviewed by the ICVRS?

Because crafting a Rejection Resistent CV requires objective assessment and 'insider' knowledge

Our rejection Resistent CV techniques are extended to everyone who uses the ICVRS. We believe this places our clients amongst the most successful job hunters in the country - and our history of helping individuals move their careers forward backs this belief up.

More than a CV review service, we highlight ways you can leverage your work history into a career future. It's no exaggeration to say that this kind of advice helps our clients make sound career moves.

Our belief is, you CAN secure interviews for the most desirable jobs. but only if you have the knowledge, and the know-how, to present a compelling CV.

Here's what you need to do - urgently

Clearly, the most important thing right now is to be aware of what employers look for in a CV and how it must be presented. The worst thing that can happen to you is to carry on in a conventional way and miss out on great job opportunities.

You can make a choice today. You can take positive action to get your CV (tested) reviewed - and get ahead, land interviews and secure the right job. Or you can do nothing, and trust that your current CV will do enough - and risk that everything you've worked so hard for will be safe should you get it wrong.

Do you want to risk everything you've worked for on a belief that rejection only happens to others?

Do you want to gamble everything you've worked for - and your future on your current CV's ability to get what you want?

It's impossible for anyone to give you one piece of advice that will transform your CV into the perfect interview-winning CV. You will need insight to navigate CV screening methods, understand recruiter behaviour and how to match your experience to employer needs.

But we have selected three crucial moves you can make right now so you will be starting out in the best possible position to protect yourself from rejection and failure.

Firstly, we'll help you by reviewing your CV from a potential employers perspective and highlight what an employer is likely to be thinking.

Secondly, we'll tell you what works on your CV and what doesn't and what you need to do to put it right. In times like this, you need to understand CV screening processes, what employers look for and how to present a convincing case that you should be interviewed.

Thirdly, and in many ways most importantly, we'll tell you everything we know about CV screening methods, employer behaviour and what it will take for you to create a Rejection Resistent CV.

Not only will this advice help you to win multiple interviews... it can also help you to clarify which positions you should be targeting.

Plus we'd like to help you through the interview process itself by providing additional guidance on how to make yourself irresistible to an employer.

As recruitment and selection evolves, our team will update you on the latest thinking so that you remain ready to apply for appropriate positions as and when they arise.

The fact is, the information in your CV report is just the beginning. The techniques you will learn are aimed at putting you in front of the right employers, right now. We want to make certain that you see a difference fast.

Frankly, no one can know for sure which offer you will accept or how many interviews you will have before you get the right offer.

No one can know how quickly things will happen. We believe the ICVRS will be essential to your success in these times. We'll bring you vital updates on what's happening in recruitment circles. as well as providing you with ongoing recommendations you can implement to help your CV stay Rejection Resistent.

We hope you'll allow us to review your CV and that you will take our advice. Because we have a long history of helping career minded individuals achieve their career ambitions. It's pays to have us on your side.

As the market evolves and competition for top jobs increases, we believe you will need the advice and ongoing insight of our experts.

Protect yourself from rejection

If you go it alone you must be prepared to gamble everything on getting it right - or risk losing everything you've worked so hard for.

Ask yourself:
Could I face a career disaster at this stage of my life?

Today you have an opportunity to test your CV and find out what can be done to make a CV Rejection Resistent. Don't waste it.

It will cost you very little to see what we believe you need to do urgently. And it will cost you practically nothing to continue to receive our advice as your career progresses.

Do nothing and you could be looking at multiple rejections and lost opportunities.

Will you know why you are being rejected?
Will you know what to do about it?

Don't let yourself become one of the thousands of people in the UK wondering why they can't get interviews - looking back with regret, wondering:

What went wrong with my application?
What do I have to do to get employers to notice me?

We are offering to show you precisely how you should position yourself to attract employers, right now.