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And is unique in the field of professional CV advisory services

To help you craft a hyper-responsive, rejection resistant CV that will rocket your interview strike rate, we charge a mere 1% of a £40k salary, the minimum salary level of clients we work with. Payment is in two parts. 50% (£200) is paid in advance when you submit your CV. This is in consideration of our professional time, tailored guidance and the individual support you will receive - everything you need will be tailored to your particular situation and career objectives. The balance of our fee (£200) is paid to us ONLY AFTER you have accepted your next position.

Our unique 50/50 split fee approach is a reflection of the confidence we have in helping talented individuals craft interview-winning CVs. By deferring 50% of our fee we retain a vested interest in your success. No other CV service - anywhere - has a fee structure that is based on results. We look at CVs through the eyes of employers - we look at our fee through the eyes of clients! Make sense? If it does, then submit your CV using the 'Submit' button below and let the journey begin. However should you have a question or wish to chat through our service first, then please do call us on: 020 7118 0182 - we are here to help you.

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Independent CV review
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If you would like to chat through our service prior to submitting your CV, then simply call us on
020 7118 0182, we'll be delighted to hear from you. We'll listen to what you have to say about your ideal job, and explain what you can expect from us to help you secure it.

YOU will be career minded, have achieved considerable success in your career to date and will command a salary IN EXCESS of £40,000 pa.

Rest assured, every aspect of our service is highly confidential - we do not share information and do not retain documents longer than necessary.

- Additional crucial information
In order for any CV review to be meaningful it MUST be reviewed in conjunction with application-critical information which the CV does not hold. Once we receive your CV we will e-mail you asking for this critical information. Our e-mail will explain what we need and why we need it.

Normally a CV review takes five working days, sometimes a little longer depending on the level of market research we may need to carry out, the amount of detail involved, the complexity of the review process itself and our work load at any given time.

The review start point is taken from when you have provided the necessary information.

- Investing in your own future
Our professional fee is £400. For this you will receive a comprehensive report on the most important document in your job search arsenal and more... Payment is in two equal parts - £200 is paid in advance with the balance paid ONLY AFTER you have secured your next career move. - All payments are secure and via PayPal.

- Priority Service
If you need us to carry out a review quicker, then we MAY be able to do so for an additional fee. This will be subject to us receiving all the necessary information, complexity of the task and our work load at the time. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.